Starting Up a Screen Printing Company

Why do so many people wear customized t-shirts? It’s simple. T-shirts are a great way of keeping everything together or expressing a message. Some create t-shirts for summer day camps so the kids can be easily spotted if they stray from the group. People might also customize shirts for a fundraising walk in memory of a loved one. Whatever the reason, more and more people are sporting customized shirts for many different occasions!

While many people opt for a professional screen printing companies for customized t-shirts, did you know you can do it at home by yourself? It’s typically an easy and cheap process. If you have artistic capabilities, you could save a lot of money by making your own t-shirts at home! You could even sell them online if you get good enough or do custom orders. If this sounds like a good fit for you, read our article on screen printing at home!

The first step is to gather the various materials you’ll need for screen printing. For instance, sheet film for screen printing is necessary. Some of the other materials you’ll need include a t-shirt, iron, computer, transfer paper, and most importantly, a printer. These materials are all you need to make awesome designs in a quick and cost-effective manner!

The next step is coming up with a great design that you want to appear on a t-shirt. Nowadays, many people use digital software to come up with their designs. However, this can also be done the old-fashioned way with just paper and a pencil. Whichever way you choose, you’ll need to complete a design before you get to printing.

You will then use your computer and printer to either scan in your drawing or directly print it from an application. The transfer paper will be necessary so you can use heat from the iron to transfer the design from the paper onto the shirt. It’s important to research which printer you’ll need to correctly execute your designs.

For those who don’t have the time to print their own t-shirts and learn the process, that’s okay, too! Luckily, there are so many screen printing businesses who will professionally take care of you for a low cost. You can get hundreds of t-shirts for just ten bucks a pop! That’s a bargain! Typically, the more you order, the lower the cost, making screen printing the right way to go for your next event!