Various Popular Tattoo Styles

I’m sure that if you’ve considered getting a new tattoo or you’re currently considering new ink, you’ve looked into the various tattoo styles that are commonly used. Finding more information on popular techniques will help you discover what style and look you’re going for. This blog post will offer some helpful information on some popular tattoo styles used in today’s world.

  • Geometric: Oftentimes, people will incorporate geometric patterns into their tattoo pieces. This has been used in tattooing for centuries in various cultures around the world. This style is obviously centralized around clean lines, shapes, and simplicity.
  • Dots: Another common tattoo technique is dot work tattoos. These designs are more delicate and involve creating works of art using hundreds or thousands of tiny dots. The process to create these tattoos differs as well. Instead of using a tattoo gun, artists that utilize this technique will use a single needle to apply ink.
  • Sketch: Sketch tattoos appear to be rigid sketches on the skin surface, hence the style name of “sketch.” This style tends to have outcomes that are more creative than other, more traditional styles of tattoo work. These tattoos are often paired with watercolor palettes as well.
  • Bio-mechanical: In the world of all things fantasy related, people are often intrigued by bio-mechanical tattoos. This new style has mixed reality and fantasy when it comes to the human anatomy. These tattoos look as if the body has been ripped open and underneath lies bio-mechanical machinery instead.
  • Trash Polka: This is a less common technique, but easily recognizable all the same. This style uses primarily black and red ink. In addition, designs are created using bold blocks and abstract elements. This style recently emerged in 2014 but is already heavily gaining popularity in the tattoo community.

People spend a lot of time looking for tattoo styles that they feel meet their reasoning for getting that tattoo in the first place. Removal for custom tattoos is always an option if you end up choosing the wrong style.