Solid Advice for Designing Your Own Website

Websites that are attractive and user-friendly are the ones that stand out from the rest. Well, those that are poorly designed stand out, too, but not for the reasons one would want to be remembered for. In order for a site to be designed appropriately, the designer must know what a properly designed site entails. Here are some helpful tips.

For starters, the only way a site can be successful is if it works well on all available browsers. To see if your site is compatible with all browsers, you’ll need to perform some manual testing. Put your URL into various browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. and see if your content shows the way it should. Just because it works on one, you should not assume it will look the same on all others. Test beforehand to avoid users becoming frustrated that your website doesn’t work on their preferred platform.

If your site includes an events and news page, make sure to keep it updated. This means that outdated content should be removed. Online users need fresh content. You wouldn’t want your sites visitors to point out outdated info on your site because that’s simply embarrassing. Hire someone to frequently update your site’s content.

Do not allow pop-up advertisements on your site. As an internet user yourself, I’m sure you can agree that being interrupted by a pop-up advertisement is frustrating. Your site can be incredible, but it won’t matter if a popup appears because they will leave your site. If the host you are using forces pop-ups, look for a new one.

Is your site continuously updating with new content? Are you an e-commerce site that constantly has new products? In order to have visitors return, include an email newsletter sign-up on your page. This will allow you to send them updates and pull them back to your site. There is one thing to remember though: only send the newsletters to the people that opt to accept them.

While your site might look top-notch, it won’t matter if no one sees it due to loading issues. To have a site that loads quickly, each and every file should be small in size. This will also benefit those that do not have high-speed internet. Perform tests on your own to test the speed of your site, even with dial-up connections.

Professional web designers in NY implement these tips in their day to day activities. Because of this, the results are well above average.