Hidden Dangers in your Garage

Garages have many hidden dangers that make it a potentially hazardous atmosphere for a child. Think about what is in your garage. Garages are typically used for storage of sharp tools, toxic substances, and large heavy objects that if fallen could cause serious injury. These spaces are no longer just places to park your car. Below is a list of red-flags which you can use to obtain greater garage safety.

  1. The garage is typically the place where hazardous items such as pesticides or pool products are stored. When not stored in the proper container, the chemicals could erode the bottle which would then lead to leaking fumes or liquids. To avoid this, keep these items stored in their original container, sealed tightly, and hide them away from plain sight, such as in a cabinet and off the floor so it is out of a child’s reach.
  2. If you store children’s playground toys or sporting equipment in the garage, these should be as far away as possible from any liquid chemicals to lessen the chance that a child comes in contact with the toxins. Store this equipment low so it is in their reach, preventing them from having to climb to get them.
  3. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in the garage and checked regularly to assure the batteries are charged. To assure you do not forget, make the first of the month the day you routinely check the detectors. Garages should also have a fire extinguisher hung in an easily accessible place.
  4. Since the garage has multiple tripping hazards and poor lighting, injuries are likely to happen. To fix this situation, install adequate lighting, general lighting, lighting over the work stations, and near any stairs. You should also consider portable lighting fixtures that you can move around to different parts of the garage when needed to prevent injury.

To determine whether or not you need to make safety improvements in your garage, contact a local garage consulting company for help. These professionals will help you organize your garage in a safe and secure manner.